Let us take a look at the intelligent Ultra Starlight technology. In this blog post, we’re going to be looking at the technology and why you need it to use it on your next install! Let us jump right in and see what Ultra Starlight all is about.
Ultra-Starlight is a technology developed by Uniview which has been designed to transmit colour footage when it is dark.
With most CCTV cameras, when night falls the image will flick to IR mode which will, in turn, turn the image to black and white. However, with Ultra Starlight, the image will stay in full- colour when there is just a hint of extremely low light – just 0.0005 Lux levels.
This is the difference in being able to identify the colour of intruders clothes or the colour of a car as opposed to having a black and white image, making it perfect for home and business owners to feel safe. With this in mind, there’s no surprise that the Ultra Starlight range is so popular.
As you can see in the image above the image quality is second to none & captures every detail in both day & night.
From your home right through to products & staff you’ve got a lot to keep safe. Uniview IP CCTV provides you with unequivocal security 24/7. This 2MP 2.7-13.5mm Autofocus Ultra Starlight camera with a built-in microphone will change the way you look and listen to CCTV. You get what you pay for, and UNV is pure class. From the weatherproof IP67 rated metal housing, meaning you can put this camera anywhere, inside or out, to the built- in microphone, when you’ve got this camera protecting you, you’re safe.
The Ultra Starlight technology transforms the image in darkness. Forget the days of grainy footage during the night, with just a hint of ambient lighting you can get full colour throughout the night. This combined with the built-in microphone with incredible audio pick up at no extra cost to you, means you’re completely covered.
For that extra level of security, you can set up the Smart Analytic features that are all connected to the EZView mobile app.
This camera has:
Facial Detection – The camera can detect faces within a frame and in playback mode, you can select a face within the footage & watch any footage where that face appears.
Intrusion Detection – You can set a pre-defined region & receive notifications when something enters & loiters
in the area.
Line Crossing Detection Set a pre-defined line on your CCTV & receive notifications when something crosses that line.
Sleek Installation – For a fully integrated installation, use this metal junction box, a metal wall mount or a metal pole mount.
Click the links below for full spec on each Ultra Starlight camera available here at Security Empire.