From your home right through to products & staff,you’ve got a lot to keep safe. Whether there has been a recent increase in crime in your area or you want to protect your staff Uniview IP CCTV will provide you with unequivocal security around the clock. The 4MP 2.8mm Lite Fixed Lens Turret camera will change the way you look at CCTV. From the weatherproof IP66  rated metal housing, meaning you can put this camera anywhere, inside or out, to the 30m Smart IR to give your nightvision footage an extra boost so you can see further in the darkness, when you’ve got this camera protecting you, you’re safe.don’t need to be an expert in installing CCTV with Uniview’s super easy to use Plug & Play. Simply plug any UNV IP CCTV camera in to a UNV IP Network Video Recorder & you’re good to
go. All Uniview cameras & NVRs are ONVIF compatible which basically means you can add any UNV product on to an exisiting CCTV system as long as that system is also ONVIF compatible.