Take your security to the next level with the new generation of
Wireless Alarms. The Ajax Starter Kit contains everything you need
for full protection for your property.

The kit includes: 1 x Hub, 1 x Motion Detector, 1 x Opening Detector
& 1 x Key Fob with a built-in Panic Button.

Get more out of your Ajax Starter Kit by adding an Ajax CSL World
Sim Card to your order. If you choose the Ajax option on the CSL
website during set up, you’ll receive 100MB, 5 minutes & 5 SMS for
£3 per month. Benefit from immediate 4G Connectivity, no Over
Usage Charges, Flexibility & Enhanced Security!

Protects Your Property
Your StarterKit assists in protecting the entrances from break-ins
through windows & doors, giving you peace of mind all the time.

Keep Updated
Get instant alerts with push notifications, SMS or phone calls & stay
updated with a full event log in the mobile app.

Protect Your Property with a Click of a Button
The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage
device, no matter where you are in the world.